13 November 2008


I'm going to be taking a bit of a hiatus for awhile from posting on The Cannon's Mouth. The truth is, for more than three months now the posts I've written were either written in the late spring and scheduled to post or e-mailed in when I had a chance. I've just returned from a deployment as an historian with NATO's International Security Assistance Force at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. I need a rest and time to reconnect with my family. Many thanks for your patience.

08 November 2008

MA theses and PhD dissertations - part 28

More results from the Library and Archives Canada theses portal - MAs and PhDs with specific reference to Canadian military history (some have direct links to their PDFed versions):
David Jay Bercuson, "Labour in Winnipeg: The Great War and the General Strike", PhD dissertation, University of Toronto, 1971;
David Charles Gregory Campbell, "The Divisional Experience in the C.E.F.: A Social and Operational History of the 2nd Canadian Division, 1915-1918", PhD dissertation, University of Calgary, 2004;
Jerome D. Davis, "To the NATO Review: Constancy and Change in Canadian NATO Policy, 1949-1969", PhD dissertation, John Hopkins University, 1973;
Robert Davis, "Canada and the Persian Gulf War", MA thesis, University of Windsor, 1997 [direct PDF link];
Bradley James Davison, "Forechecking in Captivity: Sport in the Lives of Canadian Prisoners of War at Three German Camps during the Second World War", MA thesis, University of Windsor, 2006;
Jane Frances Davison, "We Shall Remember: Canadian Indians and World War II", MA thesis, Trent University, 1993;
Grant Dawson, "Canadian Government Decision-Making and the Commitments to the Somalia Peace Operations in 1992", PhD dissertation, Carleton University, 2003;
David Leask, "Medical Arrangements for the Canadian Army: 1899-1914", MA thesis, University of New Brunswick, 2004;
David Jeffrey Noakes, "Proud to Serve: An Operational History of Number 162 (Bomber Reconnaissance) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, 1942-1945", MA thesis, University of New Brunswick, 1997 [direct PDF link]; and
David Allan Wilson, "The Development of Tank-Infantry Co-operation Doctrine in the Canadian Army for the Normandy Campaign of 1944", MA thesis, University of New Brunswick, 1992.

06 November 2008

Latest Issue of the Canadian Military Journal

Volume 9, number of the Canadian Military Journal has been issued and includes a couple of items of particular interest to readers of Canadian military history:
Peter Haydon, "Choosing the Right Fleet Mix: Lessons from the Canadian Patrol Frigate Selection Process"; and
Sean M. Maloney, "Canada's Arctic Sky Spies: The Director's Cut".

05 November 2008

Canadian Catholic Historical Association Historical Studies

The Canadian Catholic Historical Association's Historical Studies (previously called Reports, then Study Sessions) for the period 1933 to 2006 are available online.  Each of the articles in these reports are freely accessible in HTML and PDF formats.  Topics of particular interest include to readers of Canadian military history include:
Donald J. Pierce, "The Rebellion of 1837 and Political Liberty", vol.4 (1936-37), pp.72-82;
Major the Very Rev. J.R. O'Gorman, "Canadian Catholic Chaplains in the Great War", vol.7 (1939-40), pp.71-83;
Howard R. Marraro, "Canadian and American Zouaves in the Papal Army, 1868-1870", vol.12 (1944-45), pp.83-102;
The Rev. J.S. McGivern, "A Jesuit Padre in the Italian Campaign - His Work - His Impressions - His Companions", vol.13 (1945-46), pp.43-55;
Ronald Sunter, "The Scottish Background to the Immigration of Bishop Alexander Macdonnell and the Glengarry Highlanders", vol.40 (1973), pp.11-20;
Brian F. Hogan, "The Guelph Novitiate Raid: Conscription, Censorship and Bigotry during the Great War", vol.45 (1978), pp.57-80;
Art Cawley, "The Canadian Catholic English Language Press and the Spanish Civil War", vol.49 (1982), pp.25-51;
Robin B. Burns, "The Montreal Irish and the Great War", vol.52 (1985), pp.67-81;
Duff Crerar, "Bellicose Priests: The Wars of the Canadian Catholic Chaplains, 1914-1919", vol.58 (1991), pp.21-39;
Duff Crerar, "In the Day of Battle: Canadian Catholic Chaplains in the Field, 1885-1945", vol.61 (1995), pp.53-77;
Peter MacLeod, "Catholicism, Alliances, and Amerindian Evangelists during the Seven Years' War", vol.62 (1996), pp.63-72;
Mark G. McGowan, "Harvesting the 'Red Vineyard': Catholic Religious Culture in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919", vol.64 (1998), pp.47-67;
Yves Yvon J. Pelletier, "Faith on the Battlefield: Canada's Catholic Chaplaincy Service during the Second World War", vol.69 (2003), pp.64-84; and
Yves Yvon J. Pelletier, "Fighting for the Chaplains: Bishop Charles Leo Nelligan and the Creation of the Canadian Chaplain Service (Roman Catholic), 1939-1945", vol.72 (2006), pp.95-123.

02 November 2008

Fall/Winter 2008 catalogue for the UBC Press

The Fall/Winter 2008 and the History 2008/09 catalogue for the UBC Press are out and contain the announcement of one new publication in Canadian military history:
Amy J. Shaw, Crisis of Conscience: Conscientious Objection in Canada during the First World War (Oct 2008).