28 September 2009

Article on Canadians in the British Army

Major Andrew Godefroy, editor of The Canadian Army Journal, has kindly sent me an e-mail mentioning his latest article. Andrew has published "For King, Queen, and Empire: Canadians Recruited into the British Army, 1858-1944" in the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research (volume 87, number 350 (Summer 2009): 135-150). I'm particularly glad for this information, as I'm away from work right now and so haven't had the chance to see this issue. Thanks again, Andrew.

24 September 2009

New Books list from Library and Archives Canada

The New Books list for September 2009 from Library and Archives Canada has been posted. Unfortunately, it only contains one item of interest for readers of Canadian military history, namely:

L. Mel McConaghy, The Stoker: Ten Years Fighting Red Aggression and Other Social Diseases in the Service of One's Country: A Memoir (Vancouver: N.O.N. Canada, 2009).

18 September 2009

Latest issues of The Northern Mariner

I'm a bit behind on posting information on The Northern Mariner, so here are the items of direct interest to readers of Canadian military history:

Haydon, Peter T., "Canadian Involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis Re-Considered", vol.xvii, no.2 (2007);

Maloney, Sean M., "Parry and Thrust: Canadian Maritime Forces and the Defence of North America, 1954-62";

plus various books reviewed in these issues.

14 September 2009

Toronto Military Studies Conference next week

Don Graves has passed on to me (thanks Don) the lineup for the latest Toronto Military Studies Conference, to be held at Moss Park Armour, 130 Queen Street East, in Toronto on Friday, 18 September, and Saturday, 19 September. The schedule is as follows:

Friday, 1845-1900 hours - registration;

Friday, 1900-2100 hours - Keynote Address by Professor Terry Copp, "The Consequences of Combat in the Second World War";

(followed by a performance of the 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums);

Saturday, 0900-0910 hours - opening remarks;

Saturday, 0910-0950 hours - Dr. Geoffrey Hayes, "From Kingston to Vimy Ridge";

Saturday, 0950-1030 hours - Professor Mike Bechthold, "Learning from Vimy: The Canadian Corps at Arleux and Fresnoy";

Saturday, 1030-1100 hours - coffee break;

Saturday, 1100-1145 hours - Dr. Doug Delaney, "Contrasting Styles of Command: Some Canadian Examples from the Second World War";

Saturday, 1145-1230 hours - Dr. Eric McGeer, "The War of the Poor Relations: The Lamone, December 1944";

Saturday, 1230-1330 hours - lunch (featuring a performance by the 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums);

Saturday, 1330-1500 hours - "The Reentry of Today's Canadian Reserves in Society" ("This panel discussion will feature soldiers returned from recent tours to Afghanistan and Bosnia.")

Saturday, 1500- hours - closing remarks

Cost of the conference is $10, including lunch, but is free for students with identification and for veterans. For more information contact Mike Bechthold at mbechthold@wlu.ca or 519-884-0710 ext 4594.

13 September 2009

CFP from University of Victoria

A Call for Papers from the History Department of the University of Victoria has been issued for "The Second Military Oral History Conference: Between Memory and History", to be held at the university from 5 to 7 May 2010. As the release notes:
The intention of the conference is to bring together senior undergraduate and graduate students, academics and veterans working in a variety of fields in military history in order to foster discussion in a multi-disciplinary environment. Papers addressing all facets of military history which rely heavily upon oral history will be considered. This includes, but is not limited to, the writing of popular military history, official history, operational history, military families and the home front, First Nations, Military Medicine, records management and archival preservation. We encourage a broad interpretation of the conference theme from a variety of fields and backgrounds.
The deadline for paper submissions (it's not clear, but this must be the deadline for paper proposals) is 15 January 2010. Proposals should be less than 250 words, should explain how the paper relates to the conference theme, with an additional bio sketch. For questions, etc., contact Dr. David Zimmerman, Department of History, University of Victoria, PO Box 3045, Victoria, BC, V8W 3P4 or by e-mail at dzimmerm@uvic.ca.

09 September 2009

Latest issue of the Canadian Military Journal

The latest issue (vol.9, no.4) of the Canadian Military Journal is now online, and contains a couple of items of direct interest to readers of Canadian military history:

Bill Dalke, "Canada's Greatest Contribution: National Identity and the Role of Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King in Negotiating the BCATP Agreement";

Craig Leslie Mantle and Lieutenant-Colonel Larry Zaporzan, "The Leadership of S.V. Radley-Walters: Enlistment to D-Day (Part 1 of 2)";

as well as several reviews of military history publications.

05 September 2009

Norman Leach's new book

Norman Leach, the Calgary-based military historian, freelance writer and professional speaker, has a new book out from Folklore Publishing called Canadian Battles - Canada's Role in Major World Conflicts.

As the book's description notes:
Canadian soldiers, sailors and pilots have fought consistently above their weight class in the forefront of the world's major conflicts. And it was a Canadian, Lester B. Pearson, whose idea of a peacekeeping force defined Canada's world role in a new way, drawing respect and recognition from countries around the world: Afghanistan - Operation Medusa, an attempt to retake the Panjwavi District in Kandahar Province from the Taliban, turned into a deadly battle for Canadian troops. Croatia - Sent as peacekeepers, Canadian soldiers engaged in fierce action and were respected for their role in quelling the civil war and genocide. Korea - Members of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry repelled a massive Chinese attack and won the only U.S. Presidential Citation ever awarded to a Canadian battalion. World War II - In some of the fiercest battles of the war, Canadian forces were in the forefront during the Dieppe Raid, D-Day and the Battle of the Atlantic. Siberia - Who knew that Canadians fought the Bolsheviks in eastern Russia at the end of World War I? War of 1812 - Les Canadiens and the British troops fought to defend Canada, while Laura Secord was walking into history. Seven Years' War - During a naval blockade of the Restigouche River, a French fleet was destroyed at the cost of only 24 British casualties. And more...