27 February 2010

Latest Issues of the Northern Mariner

This may be a bit repetitive from a previous post some time back, but here are the latest items from The Northern Mariner directly pertaining to Canadian military history:

Robert L. Davison, "A Most Fortunate Court Martial: The Trial of Captain Charles Kingsmill, 1907", vol.19;

Barry Gough, "Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Saunders, Naval Victor of Quebec, 1759", vol.19 (2009);

Peter T. Haydon, "Canadian Involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis Re-Considered", vol.17, no.2 (2007);

Sean M. Maloney, "Parry and Thrust: Canadian Maritime Forces and the Defence of North America, 1954-62", vol.18, no.1 (2008); and

Peter MacLeod, "Invisible Admiral: Phillip Durell at the Siege of Quebec, 1759", vol.19 (2009).

25 February 2010

Index of Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

I've had a chance to peruse the online index of the journal Newfoundland and Labrador Studies (up to an including the current issue volume 24, number 1, Spring 2009) and have extracted the articles of particular reference to Canadian military history:

Casey, G.J. and Maura C. Hanrahan, "Roses and Thistles: Second World War Bridges in Newfoundland", vol.10, no.2 (Fall 1994): 240-249;

Harding, Robert J., "Glorious Tragedy: Newfoundland's Cultural Memory of the Attack at Beaumont Hamel, 1916-1925", vol.21, no.1 (Spring 2006): 3-40;

High, Steven, "From Outport to Outport Base: The American Occupation of Stephenville, 1940-1945", vol.18, no.1 (Spring 2002): 84-113;

Lackenbauer, P. Whitney, "War, Memory, and the Newfoundland Regiment at Gallipoli", vol.15, no.2 (Fall 1999): 176-214;

MacLeod, Malcolm, "Death by choice or by chance? U-69 and the first Newfoundland ferry Caribou", vol.12, no.1 (Spring 1996): 1-15;

Martin, Chris, "The Right Course, The Best Course, The Only Course: Voluntary Recruitment in the Newfoundland Regiment, 1914-1918", vol.24, no.1 (Spring 2009): 55-89;

Mercer, Keith, "The Murder of Lieutenant Lawry: A Case Study of British Naval Impressment in Newfoundland, 1794", vol.21, no.2 (Fall 2006): 255-289;

Neary, Peter, "The Diplomatic Backgound to the Canada-Newfoundland Goose Bay Agreement of October 10, 1944", vol.2, no.1 (Spring 1986): 39-61;

Neary, Peter, "'A grave problem which needs immediate attention': an American report on venereal disease and other health problems in Newfoundland, 1942", vol.15, no.1 (Spring 1999): 79-103;

Neary, Peter, "Great Britain and the Future of Newfoundland, 1939-45", vol.1, no.1 (Spring 1985): 29-56;

O'Brien, Mike, "Out of a Clear Sky: The Mobilization of the Newfoundland Regiment, 1914-1915", vol.22, no.2 (Fall 2007): 401-427;

Pritchard, James, "'Le Profit et La Gloire': The French Navy's Alliance with Private Enterprise in the Defense of Newfoundland, 1691-1697", vol.15, no.2 (Fall 1999): 161-175; and

Sharpe, Christopher A., "The 'Race of Honour': An Analysis of Enlistments and Casualties in the Armed Forces of Newfoundland, 1914-1918", vol.4, no.1 (Spring 1988): 27-55.

23 February 2010

Latest Issues of the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies

It's been a long, long while since (six issues) I've posted about the Canadian military history articles published in the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, so here we go:

Terry Copp, "Canada's National Army, Canada's National Interest, 1918, 2008", vol.10, no.3 (2008);

David A. Kielstra, "Taking Care of Business: Canada's Forgotten Cold War Conflict in Cyprus, July-August 1974", vol.12, no.1 (2009);

Peter Kikkert, "The Polaris Incident: 'Going to the Mat' with the Americans", vol.11, no.3 (2009); and

Timothy C. Winegard, "The Forgotten Front of the Oka Crisis: Operation Feather/Akwesasne", vol.11, nos.1-2 (2009).

21 February 2010

Latest Issue of the Canadian Naval Review

The Fall 2009 (vol.5, no.3) issue of the Canadian Naval Review is out, and an excerpt can be found online at the journal's website. This issue contains a couple of items of particular interest to readers of Canadian military history, as well as other interesting naval information:

Richard Mayne, "'An Art of its Own': Corporate Knowledge, the Canadian Navy and Arctic Operations";

Rob Stuart, "Was the RCN ever the Third Largest Navy?";

19 February 2010

War of 1812 in the Western Great Lakes

I realize this makes two in a row for a journal looking for material for a War of 1812 themed issue, but there you have it.

The Michigan Historical Review is looking for article proposals for a spring 2012 special issue "on the War of 1812 in the Great Lakes region, preferably west of Niagara. Articles should be based on original research or reinterpret commonly accepted conclusions relation to the conflict in this region." They're looking for articles about 8,000 words in length (including notes) and would like to see - first - a 300-word proposal re the subject, "probably thesis or conclusions, and types of sources", plus a brief CV, by 30 April 2010. Please send submissions to David Macleod, editor, MHR, Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI, 48859, or mihisrev@cmich.edu.

17 February 2010

Call for Articles on The War of 1812

The folks at Ontario History are interested in hearing from historians interested in contributing articles for a special 2012 edition of the journal on the subject of "Ontario and The War of 1812". "Expressions of interest and an abstract of the proposed article" should be sent before 31 May 2010 to guest editor Clare Dale at clare_dale@carleton.ca or to general editor Thorold Tronrud at foxlort@tbaytel.net. The snail mail address for the latter editor is: Ontario History, 353 McKellar Street North, Thunder Bay, ON, P7E 5V1.

09 February 2010

Presentation on 1950 crash of B-36 bomber in British Columbia

Norman Leach has sent me a press release with respect to an upcoming lecture series of his concerning an interesting aspect of Canada's military history. As the release notes:
In recognition of the 60th anniversary of the Feb 14, 1950, crash of the U.S. B36 bomber in the Kispiox, north of the Hazeltons, the Bulkley Valley Museum is hosting a lecture tour by the celebrated Canadian historian, author and U. of Calgary lecturer, Norman Leach, who has written the seminal account of this aviation disaster, "Broken Arrow - America's First Lost Nuclear Weapon". Norman will give a lecture on the crash of the B36 and the controversy of its Fat Man atomic bomb payload at 7:00 pm on Saturday, Feb 13th, at the Old Church. [...] will escort Norman to speak in high schools, libraries and museums between Houston and Terrace. This is all part of the BV Museum's policy of putting the spotlight on our engrossing local history.
For further information, contact the Bulkley Valley Museum in Smithers, British Columbia, by e-mail at info@bvmuseum.com or at 250-847-5322.

07 February 2010

New Books List at Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada has posted its New Books list for January 2010, and it contains some items of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including the following:

Lawrence J. Barkwell, The Battle of Seven Oaks: A Métis Perspective (Winnipeg: Louis Riel Institute, 2010);

Gladysann Bryce, First in, last out: Royal Canadian Air Force, Women's Division (Torrance, ON: G. Bryce, 2010);

George H. Cassar, Hell in Flanders Fields: Canadians and the Second Battle of Ypres (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2010);

Adam Day, Témoin de la guerre : mes reportages sur l'Afghanistan de 2004 à 2009 (Ottawa : Magic Light Pub., 2010);

Adam Day, Witness to War: Reporting on Afghanistan, 2004-2009 (Ottawa: Magic Light Pub., 2010);

Benjamin Isitt, From Victoria to Vladivostok: Canada's Siberian Expedition, 1917-19 (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2010); and

Dwight Whalen, War Christmas: Letters from Niagara Servicemen 1914-1918, 1939-1945 (Shelburne, ON: Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, 2010).