26 May 2006

Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group

I've just added a link on the right side of this page to the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group, a group of individuals, as they themselves put it, "dedicated to the study of the Canadian Expeditionary Force." This is a bulletin board site with many categories of great information, discussion, and mentions of projects large and small. Some of the categories of information include areas of interest, upcoming events and news, CEF units, battles, equipment, medals and decorations, insignia, unit histories, book reviews, recommended websites, rolls of honour, orders of battle, first person transcriptions, service records, war diary transcripts, and individual study group projects. One of the offshoot projects for the site is the group's Matrix Project, which is working on gathering information on all of the components of the CEF during the First World War. Highly recommended.

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business voodoo said...

wonderful blog.
the lessons of history can be mighty powerful if learned. thank you for sharing with such care the history of the Canadian military ... perhaps some wounds can begin to be healed when we look at the causes of them. thank you for your thoughtful work.
peace & harmony,
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