11 February 2007

New book on Hong Kong 1941

I received an e-mailed press release recently from Ronald C. Parker noting the self-publication of his book on the Battle for Hong Kong. Titled Deadly December: The Battle of Hong Kong, the book tells the story "from a Canadian perspective, using the words of those Riflemen, and Grenadiers, who fought that, long ago, almost forgotten battle." The author, himself a retired Militia soldier, is the son of Major Maurice A. Parker, officer commanding "D" Company, The Royal Rifles of Canada, during the battle. The book is dedicated to Major Parker "and to all the brave men and women who fought the Battle of Hong Kong. It is meant to keep the memory of those men and women alive." The book is published by Lulu and can be purchased directly from the publisher. Ronald Parker can also be contacted at rcwp2000@yahoo.ca.

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