27 March 2007

The Campaign to save HMCS Sackville

"Mark from Ottawa" over at The Torch has posted an interesting piece on the campaign to save HMCS Sackville, a Halifax landmark (or is that a "seamark"?). Well worth the read.

Tonight, I finished re-reading the late Ben Greenhous's Dieppe, Dieppe, a quick overview of Operation JUBILEE of 19 August 1942. This is just one of the items I've been reading lately in preparation for my trip overseas as part of my job with DND. I guess this is a bit of an announcement, that I may not be posting much, if at all, between 1 and 16 April while I'm in France. My primary work overseas concerns the burial of Private Herbert Peterson, 49th Battalion, CEF, the identification of which I've written about previously, specifically the needs of his family and the media in attendance. I will also be providing other historical support to the Canadian Forces' contingent. I hope to have the opportunity to blog on The Cannon's Mouth while I'm there, the biggest unknown at this point being access to an internet-connected computer. (A battlefield tour to Dieppe is also scheduled for the contingent, thus my reading of Ben's book).

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