19 June 2007

New Books at Library and Archives Canada

The New Books lists at Library and Archives Canada (www.collectionscanada.ca) for the months of April and May 2007 note the following items of interest to Canadian military history:

Allan English, Richard Gimblett and Howard Coombs, Networked Operations and Transformation: Context and Canadian Contributions (Montreal, 2007);

Éva Lucie Gagné, Pounding the Enemy: Diary of the 13th Battery, C.F.A., 1914-1918 (Ottawa, 2007);

Bernd Horn (ed.), Intrepid Warriors: Perspectives on Canadian Military Leaders / Les guerriers intrépides : perspectives sur les chefs militaires canadiens (Toronto, 2007);

Zen Karp, War Diary: The Highland Light Infantry of Canada in Northwest Europe 1944-1945 (Cambridge, Ontario, 2007);

Judy Kozar, Canada's War Grooms and the Girls who Stole their Hearts (Renfrew, Ontario, 2007);

W. James Macdonald, Honour Roll of the Nova Scotia Overseas Highland Brigade (Sydney, NS, 2007);

Craig Leslie Mantle, Learning the Hard Way: The Leadership Experiences of Lieutenant Agar Adamson during the South African War, 1899-1901 (Kingston, Ontario, 2007);

Craig Leslie Mantle (ed.), The Apathetic and the Defiant: Case Studies of Canadian Mutiny and Disobedience, 1812-1919 / Les apathiques et les rebelles : des exemples canadiens de mutinerie et de désobéissance, 1812-1919 (Toronto, 2007);

Debbie Marshall, Give Your Other Vote to the Sister: A Woman's Journey into the Great War (Calgary, 2007);

Eric McGeer, The Canadian Battlefields in Italy: Ortona and the Liri Valley (Waterloo, Ontario, 2007); and

George Alexander Reid, Speed's War: A Canadian Soldier's Memoir of World War II (Royston, BC, 2007).

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