26 September 2007

Latest issue of Canadian Military History

The good folks at the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies have published volume 16, number 3 (Summer 2007) of Canadian Military History. As per usual, the journal is packed full of interesting material on various subjects on Canadian military history, including the following articles:

Andrew Burtch, "Afghanistan: A Glimpse of War - Contemporary History at the Canadian War Museum";

G.C. Case, "Trial by Fire: Major-General Christopher Vokes at the Battles of the Moro River and Ortona, December 1943";

Mark Davidson, "Preparing for the Bomb: The Development of Civil Defence Policy in Canada, 1948-1963";

Bruno Friesen, "Kamerad, tritt ein!: German Trench Culture - An aspect of the Human side of the First World War";

Mark Osborne Humphries, John Maker and Wilhelm J. Kiesselbach, "The First Use of Poison Gas at Ypres: A Translation from the German Official History";

Richard O. Mayne, "The Great Naval Battle of North Point: Myth or Reality?";

as well as a piece from W.A.B. Douglas on the late Sydney F. (Syd) Wise.

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