02 October 2009

Latest issues of the Canadian Naval Review

During my absence, I'd gotten behind on my mentions of the articles in Canadian military history in the Canadian Naval Review (specifically issues vol.4, no.3; vol.5, no.1 and vol.5, no.2) from the good folks at Dalhousie University's Centre for Foreign Policy Studies. Relevant articles (there hasn't been a whole lot purely in the realm of history of later - although this is an incredibly interesting periodical) include:

Pat Jessup, "Kriegsgefangenenlager: A POW's Account of the Loss of Afghanistan in 1944", vol.5, no.2 (Summer 2009): 22-27;

Peter Hayden, "Our Faltering Grasp on Canadian Naval History", vol.5, no.2 (Summer 2009): 30-31; and

Jacqui Good, "Sackville and the Battle of the Atlantic", vol.5, no.2 (Summer 2009): 44.

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