10 July 2010

Events and Exhibitions

The Western Front Association (WFA) www.wfa_usa.org is hosting the following upcoming seminars for 2010. While US based I can personally attest that Canada gets a great deal of "airtime" at these events.

- Sept 10 - 11 the Western Front Association's Annual National Seminar at the Liberty Memorial, the National World War 1 Museum, Kansas City MO. The complete program and registration are on the Association's Website.

- Oct 13 Great Lakes Chapter WFA Seminar Cleveland Gray's Armory, Cleveland OH

- Nov 6 East Coast Chapter Seminar Maryland War Memorial, Baltimore

- Nov 13 New England - New York Chapter Seminar Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library Hyde Park NY

On a more Canadian note the Military Museums in Calgary www.themilitarymuseums.com is announcing the following events:

- On July 11 Vice Admiral D McFadden, head of the Canadian Navy unveiled an authentic Enigma machine at the Naval Museum of Alberta located within the Military Museums. The Enigma machine will be on permanent display.

- The Founders Gallery at the Military Museums is hosting an art exhibit entitled "Prairie Boys at Sea" which will officially open on July 14 and run until August 22, 2010.


If any of you have info that would be interesting to the readers of the Cannon's Mouth please forward to me at nsleach@telusplanet.net Thank you in advance.

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