09 July 2011

Fall 2011 Catalogue for McGill-Queen's University Press

The Fall 2011 catalogue for McGill-Queen's University Press lists a few titles of interest to readers of Canadian military history - some new, some now in cheaper paperback editions - including:

Sandy Antal, A Wampum Denied, 2nd edition (release 1 Nov 2011) [war on the Detroit frontier in 1812-13];

Mary Frances Coady, Georges and Pauline Vanier: Portrait of a Couple (release 1 Aug 2011);

Peter Neary, On to Civvy Street: Canada's Rehabilitation Program for Veterans of the Second World War (release 1 Nov 2011);

Wesley B. Turner, British Generals in the War of 1812: High Command in the Canadas (paper release 1 Nov 2011); and

David Williams, Media, Memory, and the First World War (paper release 1 Oct 2011).

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