02 August 2011

A melage of material

I was away from home with my family last weekend, so didn't have a chance to blog. So, here is a collection of material I've gathered.

Fort Malden, in Amherstburg. Ontario, had its Military Heritage Days last weekend (we were there), and there's some material on The Amherstburg Echo website. It was pretty interesting, especially for my seven-year-old daughter - who lined up with the mini militia - and my wife (who worked there as a guide about 20 years ago).

RUSI (Royal United Service Institute) Vancouver has run a piece on the Canadian Military Education Centre Museum, which is located in the old CFB Chilliwack. This is "a living history museum that purposefully educates Canadian students, teachers and the public about Canadian military history. CMEC allows people to touch, feel and experience Canada's military history through hands-on interactive displays." The core of the museum revolves around military vehicles and it is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1000 to 1600 hours.

The Military Collectors' Club of Canada website recently came across my line of sight as a group dedicated to serving "as the focal point for Canadian Collectors of all types of military artifacts from medals, badges, artwork, to Military arms, vehicles and just about anything Militaria related." I've personally found in the past that such groups are incredible fonts of knowledge whose members are very willing to answer questions the historical researcher might have about particular areas of Canadian military heritage.

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