24 August 2006

News from Bob Caldwell

Bob Caldwell, a member of the naval history team at the Directorate of History and Heritage, Department of National Defence, sent me a message about his present research and writing activities. Bob is currently finishing a chapter on "The Canadian Navy in the Arabian Gulf 1991-2003", the Canadian contribution to the ABCA (American, British, Canadian, and Australian) project on each nation's naval experiences since the First Gulf War. After completing this work he will rejoin the naval history team, working on the post-Second World War history of the Royal Canadian Navy. His secondary interests haven't changed, and in his own time, Bob still researches and writes on Indian, M├ętis, Canadian militia, and European warfare in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. For example, his chapter on "Cut Knife Hill 1885", in Don Graves' (ed.), More Fighting for Canada (2004) has been well-received. Bob is also currently working on a review of the Canadian War Museum's exhibit "Clash of Empires" on the Seven Years' War for the Canadian Historical Association Newsletter.

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