15 August 2006

Tim Cook's latest article

Tim Cook, one of the historians at the Canadian War Museum, has continued his impressive run of publications on the First World War with an article in the latest issue of The Journal of Military History (vol. 70, no.3 (July 2006)). "The Politics of Surrender: Canadian Soldiers and the Killing of Prisoners in the Great War" is an excellent piece dealing with the troubling, yet very real, issue of German prisoners of war and their status during the First World War. I've found other examples of this subject matter in my own research on the 38th Battalion, CEF, during the war. In particular, the events surrounding the capture of seventy-seven Germans by Captain Thain Wendell MacDowell (for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross) and two runners during 9 April 1917 attack on Vimy Ridge pretty much ran the gamut of the difficulties of negotiating surrender which Tim writes about (although he does not use this particular example). When finished, this section of the 38th history will help show the tragedy and reality of war.

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