30 January 2007

Draft program for the 2007 Society for Military History Conference

The draft program for the Society of Military History Conference for 2007, "Crossroads of War", has been posted on the society's website. This year's conference will take place at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center, in Frederick, Maryland. Amongst the staggering array of subjects and papers being delivered, there are a few of direct Canadian military history interest: Jody Perrun, University of Manitoba, will be speaking on "A Very Popular War: Winnipeg, 1939-1945" (during the "World War II on the Home Front" session); Holger Herwig, University of Calgary, will be speaking on "Slaughter in Paradise: The Nazi Assault on Allied Oil in the Caribbean 1942-1943" (during the "World War II Submarine Warfare" session); and Glenn Leonard, University of New Brunswick, will be speaking on "Escalation and Intensification: The Rise of Scientific Management and the Experience of the Great War in Canada" (during the "Military-Industrial Relations, 1880-1920" session). Michael Whitby, Directorate of History and Heritage, will also be chairing and commenting on the session "On the Threshold of Modern Technology: Anti-Submarine Warfare at the End of WWII".

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