20 January 2007

Upcoming exhibition at the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum

Mark Browne (mbrowne@vicnews.com) has written a piece called "Museum seeks souvenirs" for the Esquimalt News, reminding me that I need to spend more time talking about how Canadian military historians are hard at work in the numerous military museums across this country. Browne writes that "the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum is looking for souvenirs that sailors have brought back from countries they visited in more recent times." Clair Sugrue, the exhibit organizer, stated "We're looking for anything and everything." Like many other Canadian Forces' museums (I can speak to this firsthand), artefacts from the last couple of decades are often harder to get than earlier periods. (Still-serving military personnel like to keep their photos from overseas, for example - I find it best to ask for second prints or to borrow the photos and scan them - at least it's an interim solution). As the article concluded, anyone interested can call the museum at 363-4312 or contact it through e-mail at webmaster@navalandmilitarymuseum.org.

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