14 May 2007

Latest issue of the Canadian Military Journal

The latest issue of the Canadian Military Journal / Revue militaire canadienne (www.journal.forces.gc.ca) (vol.7, no.4, winter/hiver 2006/2007) has been out for some time, but I'm only now getting around to drafting a post about it. Like every other issue, this one has interesting Canadian military history content, including: "The Peaceable Kingdom? The National Myth of Canadian Peacekeeping and the Cold War" / "Un Royaume pacifique? Le Mythe canadien du maintien de la paix et la guerre froide" by Eric Wagner; "The Evolution of Canadian Civil-Military Cooperation" / "L'evolution de la coopération civilo-militaire au Canada" by Major Graham M. Longhurst; "Leonard Birchall and the Japanese Raid on Colombo" / "Leonard Birchall et le raid japonais sur Colombo" by Rob Stuart; "Henri Bourassa and Conscription: Traitor or Saviour?" / "Henri Bourassa et la conscription : traître ou sauveur?" by Doctor Béatrice Richard; "In Defence of 'Tommy' Burns" / "à la défense de << Tommy >> Burns" by Second Lieutenant Will Lofgren; as well as several military history book reviews.

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