15 May 2007

Latest issue of the War of 1812 Magazine

The latest issue (No. 6, April 2007) of the War of 1812 Magazine is now online and includes many very interesting discussions of the subject, such as: "The Western Theatre in the War of 1812" by Sandy Antal; "The Loyal and Patriotic Society of Upper Canada and Its Famous Medal" by Carl Benn; "The Duke of Wellington, the Peninsular War and the War of 1812 Part II: Reinforcements, Views of the War and Command in North America" by John Grodzinski; "Order of the Bath Stall Plates - An Underappreciated Napoleonic Collectable" bu Jay Medves; "Military Heritage of the War of 1812: an Update on the Infantry Regiments of the British Army", compiled by Donald E. Graves; "A Painting by George Jones, RA, of the Rescue of Captain John Wilson after the Battle of Chippawa" by John R. Grodzinski; as well as a few other items. Many thanks to the magazine's editor, John R. Grodzinski (grodzinski-j@rmc.ca), for the announcement of this latest issue.

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