23 October 2007

Barry Gough's latest book on HMCS HAIDA

Barry Gough has published another book on HMCS Haida, this work entitled HMCS Haida: Anatomy of a Destroyer (St. Catharines, ON: Looking Back Press, 2007). Gough's previous book on this storied Canadian destroyer (HMCS Haida: Battle Ensigns Flying) dealt with, as the press release for the book puts it, its "actual deeds", while this new publication concerns "the material side of the means of how she did it." Coverage in text and imagery from
the technical side of things (command and control systems, weapons, and propulsion), the life of the ship's company (where they ate and slept, what they did for recreation, how they coped with frigid arctic waters as they battled German U-boats in the Second World War - and how a bunny became Haida's first mascot), the pictures and captions tell the stories of the life of this amazing ship.
Further information on this book can be gotten by contacting Vanwell Publishing Limited.

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