20 March 2008

Articles on Canadian Aboriginal Military History

I was recently able to get copies of a couple of recent publications from the Canadian Defence Academy Press, both concerning Aboriginal Canadians in Canadian military history.

Aboriginal Peoples and Military Participation: Canadian and International Perspectives (2007), edited by P. Whitney Lackenbauer, R. Scott Sheffield and Craig Leslie Mantle, contains the following Canadian (as well as several non-Canadian subject) articles:

Robert Alexander Innes, "'I'm on Home Ground Now. I'm Safe': Saskatchewan Aboriginal Veterans in the Immediate Postwar Years, 1945-1946";

P. Whitney Lackenbauer, "Teaching Canada's Indigenous Sovereignty Soldiers...and Vice Versa: 'Lessons Learned' from Ranger Instructors";

Jaime Mishibinijima, "Aboriginal Identity, Leadership and Values in the Profession of Arms"; and

R. Scott Sheffield, "Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and the Veterans Charter after the Second World War".

Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian Military: Historical Perspectives (2007), was edited by P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Craig Leslie Mantle and contains the following articles:

Philip H. Godsell, "Red Men Dig Up the Hatchet (1941)";

Donald E. Graves, "His Majesty's Aboriginal Allies: The Contribution of the Indigenous Peoples of North America to the Defence of Canada during the War of 1812";

Bernd Horn, "'A Necessary Evil?': Indians as Allies in the Struggle for North America, 1754-1760";

P. Whitney Lackenbauer, "Canada's Northern Defenders: Aboriginal Peoples in the Canadian Rangers, 1947-2005";

P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Katharine McGowan, "Competing Loyalties in a Complex Community: Enlisting the Six Nations in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1917";

P. Whitney Lackenbauer and R. Scott Sheffield, "Moving Beyond 'Forgotten': The Historiography on Canadian Native Peoples and the World Wars";

John Moses, "The Return of the Native: Six Nations Veterans and Political Change at the Grand River Reserve, 1917-1924";

Grace Poulin, "Invisible Women: Aboriginal Servicewomen in Canada's Second World War Military";

D.C. Scott, "The Indians and the Great War (1919)"; and

R. Scott Sheffield, "Indifference, Difference and Assimilation: Aboriginal People in Canadian Military Practice, 1900-1945".

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