21 September 2008

Cold War Symposium at the Diefenbunker

The Diefenbunker ("Canada's Cold War Museum") will be hosting a symposium from 7 to 9 November 2008 entitled "Cold Culture: A Symposium on New Approaches to Cold War Research, Education and Expression".  Sponsored by the Canadian War Museum and the Brookstreet Hotel, the symposium is, in the words of the press release, "being organized to bring together a broad range of professional scholars, artists, filmmakers, teachers, museum professionals and journalists who are involved in the exploration of themes in Cold War history, and who shape how the conflict is understood today."  Those scheduled to present include:
Dr. Christian Ostermann, "New Approaches to Cold War Research" (keynote address);
Andrew Burtch, "Can't you read, man?  Run for your Life!: Civil Defence, Fallout Shelters, and the Public during the Berlin Crisis, 1958-61";
Caralee Daigle, "Gambling on the Brink: Canada, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Global Cold War";
Dr. Jessamyn Neuhaus, "Father, Mother, Policeman, Teacher, and Doctor Know Best: Postwar Prescriptive Classroom Films and Their Pedagogical Potential in Undergraduate History Courses";
Dr. Kevin Brushett, "The Kids Are Alright?: Teaching Canada's Role in the Cold War...";
Andrew Denstedt, "Useful Citizenship: The Cold War and the Ontario Education System, 1950-67";
John A. Soares, Jr., "'Bloody War and a Beautiful, Peaceful Army of Athletes': Confrontation and Cooperation in Cold War International Ice Hockey";
Dr. Gordon Johnston, "The BBC, Communism and the Cold War";
Paul Hjartarson, "How the Cold War shaped the Post-WWII Development of English-Canadian Literature";
Adam Webb, "Aural History: The BBC External Services, International Broadcasting and the Cold War Challenge";
Alexandra Badzak, Yvonne Morris and Jan van der Fraenen, "Interpreting the Cold War - A Museum's Perspective"; and
Frances Gary Powers, Jr., "The Battle for a Cold War Museum".
The Diefenbunker is located at 3911 Carp Road, Carp, Ontario, K0A 1L0 (just west of Ottawa) and can be reached at 613-839-0007, at www.diefenbunker.ca or by e-mail at administration@diefenbunker.ca.

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