19 September 2008

Index of the Report of the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association, part 3

The index of the Report of the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association (the earliest of the CHA annual journals) has been published for its issues from volume 1 (1922) through volume 44 (1965), some of which contain articles of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Volume 28, Issue 1, 1949:

C.P. Stacey, "Halifax as an International Strategic Factor, 1749-1949", pp.46-56;

Volume 29, Issue 1, 1950:

H.M. Jackson, "The Queen's Rangers and their Contribution in the Years 1776 to 1784", pp.11-19;

Sam H.S. Hughes, "Sir Sam Hughes and the Problem of Imperialism", pp.30-41;

Antoine Roy, "Le fort Frontenac our Catarakoui sous le régime français", pp.51-57;

Volume 38, Issue 1, 1959:

C.P. Stacey, "Generals and Generalship before Quebec, 1759-1760", pp.1-15;

Volume 41, Issue 1, 1962:

J. Mackay Hitsman, "Sir George Prevost's Conduct of the Canadian War of 1812", pp.34-43;

Jay Luvaas, "General Sir Patrick MacDougall, the American Civil War and the Defence of Canada", pp.44-54;

Volume 42, Issue 1, 1963:

G.G. Smith, "The Clandestine Submarines of 1914-15: An Essay in the History of the North Atlantic Triangle", pp.194-203; and

Volume 43, Issue 1, 1964:

J. Mackay Hitsman, "Military Defenders of Prince Edward Island, 1775-1864", pp.25-36.

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