01 December 2009

New Books list from Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada has posted its New Books list for November 2009, and it contains quite a few items of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including the following:

Barton, Peter. Vimy Ridge and Arras: The Spring 1917 Offensive in Panoramas. Toronto, 2009;

Duffus, Maureen. Battlefront Nurses of WWI: The Canadian Army Medical Corps in England, France and Salonika, 1914-1919. Victoria, 2009;

Milner, Marc. Canada's Navy: The First Century. 2nd Edition. Toronto, 2009;

Moen, Arlo Maitland. A Sailor's Stories [Royal Canadian Navy]. Lockeport, NS, 2008;

Reid, Brian A. Named by the Enemy: A History of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles. Montreal, 2009; and

Rickard, John Nelson. The Politics of Command: Lieutenant-General A.G.L. McNaughton and the Canadian Army, 1939-1943. Toronto, 2010.

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