19 December 2009

Online Access to the Index of Acadiensis

The entire index to the journal Acadiensis: Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region, dating from Vol.1, No.1 (Autumn 1971) to present, is currently online. I have gone through the index and have found the following items of particular interest to students of Canadian military history:

Martin F. Auger, "'A Tempest in a Teapot': Canadian Military Planning and the St. Pierre and Miquelon Affair, 1940-1942", vol.XXXIII, no.1 (2003);

Michael Earle, "'Down with Hitler and Silby Barrett': The Cape Breton Miners' Slowdown Strike of 1941", vol.XVIII, no.1 (Autumn 1988);

David R. Facey-Crowther, "Militiamen and Volunteers: The New Brunswick Militia 1787-1871", vol.XX, no.1 (Autumn 1990);

Ernest R. Forbes, "Consolidating Disparity: The Maritimes and the Industrialization of Canada during the Second World War", vol.XV, no.2 (Spring 1986);

W.G. Godfrey, "John Bradstreet at Louisbourg: Emergence or Re-emergence?", vol.IV, no.1 (Autumn 1974);

Allan Greer, "Another Soldiers' Revolt in Isle Royale, June 1750", vol.XII, no.2 (Spring 1983);

T. Stephen Henderson, "Angus L. Macdonald and the Conscription Crisis of 1944", vol.XXVII, no.1 (1997);

Craig Heron, "The Great War and Nova Scotia Steelworkers", vol.XVI, no.2 (Spring 1987);

Olaf Janzen, "The Royal Navy and the Defence of Newfoundland during the American Revolution", vol.XIV, no.1 (Autumn 1984);

W. Stewart MacNutt, "The Narrative of Lieutenant James Moody", vol.I, no.2 (Spring 1972);

Don MacGillivray, "Military Aid to the Civil Power: The Cape Breton Experience in the 1920s", vol.III, no.2 (Spring 1974);

Cameron Pulsifer, "'Something More Durable...': The British Military's Building of Wellington Barracks and Brick Construction in 19th-Century Halifax", vol.XXXII, no.1 (2002);

Bernard Ransom, "Canada's 'Newfyjohn' Tenancy: The Royal Canadian Navy in St. John's, 1941-1945", vol.XXIII, no.2 (1994);

Andrew Theobald, "Une loi extraordinaire: New Brunswick Acadians and the Conscription Crisis of the First World War", vol.XXXIV, no.1 (2004); and

Jay White, "Pulling Teeth: Striking for the Check-Off in the Halifax Shipyards, 1944", vol.XIX, no.1 (Autumn 1989).

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