06 September 2006

A couple of big changes to this blog

Major announcements!

First, I'm extremely glad to be able to announce that Michel Litalien, a fellow military historian, colleague at the Department of National Defence, and friend, has agreed to join me in writing this blog. This is a great - and very significant - addition to what this blog can offer. Michel has a great amount of knowledge about Canadian military history, especially concerning (but not restricted to) what's going on en fran├žais in the field. I have always wanted to have English and French-language content on this blog but, to be totally honest, my French is not (yet) what it should be, and this has been a difficult proposition for me to get my head around. Michel's entrance onto this forum helps me tremendously and will provide a much-needed French-language presence on the site. What this means, in a practical sense, is that individual blog entries will be in English or in French, depending on who's writing a particular entry. We have neither the means nor the desire to translate English entries into French or vice-versa. Despite my own personal deficiencies, I entirely agree that practitioners in the field of Canadian military history should be as bilingual as possible.

Tied to this change is my second announcement. Look at the title box above, and you'll see that this blog is now titled "The Cannon's Mouth / Par la Bouche de nos Canons" (the sub-title statement is being translated and will change shortly). Many of you may remember the now-defunct newsletter of the same name(s) produced by the Canadian Military History Group / Groupe pour l'histoire militaire canadienne. In my first entry on this blog, I noted the possible similarities between what I wanted to accomplish here and what was done in that publication. I've recently received the permission I felt necessary to resurrect the title(s). I've also purchased the domain names www.cannonsmouth.ca and www.bouchedenoscanons.ca and have set them up to automatically forward to this blog (cmhistorians.blogspot.com). What that means is there are three web addresses where this blog can be reached, although future advertising and promotion of the site will take the form of the two new, more obvious and, admittedly, better sounding domains.

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