09 April 2008

Anniversary, 250 Posts, and the upcoming Military History Carnival

I realized today that this is the second anniversary of The Cannon's Mouth. I'm still not exactly sure where the blog is going, but it's obvious that most of my posts deal with publications and presentations on Canadian military history. I had hoped by now to have more pre-publication material to present - who's working on what, etc. - but the truth is I'm not getting any real input from the military historian community out there on upcoming projects. I shouldn't be surprised. We are a pretty tight-lipped bunch on the projects near and dear to our hearts, mostly out of a fear that someone else might beat us to the punch getting a project completed.

I also noticed that my post from last night was the 250th one I'd written. Are 125 posts a year too much? too little?

The Cannon's Mouth will be hosting the 13th Military History Carnival on Thursday, 17 April. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a blog carnival is a chance for blog authors of particular themes to submit their favourite posts to a participating site which can then turn around a provide a miniature "state of the field" for readers out there. Anyone wishing to submit a post - their's or someone elses posted between 20 March or so and the present - on any subject related to wars and the military before 1 January 2001 can send me an e-mail at militaryhistorian@gmail.com or use the submission form (www.blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_1281.html). I'm hoping to be able to present more material on Canadian military history than usually appears in these carnivals, but I certainly could use some input from readers of this blog.

So there we have it. Thanks for reading!

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