01 April 2008

Latest issue of Legion Magazine

The March/April 2008 issue of Legion Magazine (www.legionmagazine.com) is out and contains some material of interest to students of Canadian military history, including:

John Boileau, "Battle Honours of the Canadian Forces", Part 2: "Fenian Raids";

Terry Copp, "Breaching the Hitler Line";

Hugh A. Halliday, "For Service Volunteered" [Canadian Volunteer Service Medal];

Hugh A. Halliday, "Cameras Take Flight" [photography in the interwar RCAF];

Marc Milner, "The Wolf Packs";

Steve Pitt, "Cogwagee the Runner" [Tom Longboat];

Greig Stewart, "Right Stuff, Wrong Time" [Avro Arrow];

as well as various book reviews by J.L. Granatstein.

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