24 May 2008

Index of The Canadian Historical Review part 1

An examination of the back issues of The Canadian Historical Review from vol.1, no.1 (1920) onward reveals a lot of content of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Vol.1, No.1 (1920):

George M. Wrong, "Canada and the Imperial War Cabinet", pp.3-25;

Vol.1, No.3 (1920):

Benjamin Sulte, "The Captains of Militia", pp.241-245;

Vol.3, No.1 (1922):

F. Landon, "The Trent Affair of 1861", pp.48-55;

Vol.4, No.2 (1923):

Anonymous, "The Canadian Militia before the Great War", pp.98-104;

A.H. de Trémaudan, "Louis Riel and the Fenian Raid of 1871", pp.132-144;

Vol.5, No.1 (1924):

W.B. Kerr, "The Occupation of York (Toronto), 1813", pp.9-21;

Vol.7, No.1 (1926):

Wilson Porter Shortridge, "The Canadian-American Frontier during the Rebellion of 1837-1838", pp.13-26;

Vol.9, No.2 (1928):

S. Morley Scott, "Civil and Military Authority in Canada, 1764-1766", pp.117-136;

Vol.10, No.1 (1929):

John Perry Pritchett, "The Origin of the So-Called Fenian Raid on Manitoba in 1871", pp.23-42;

Vol.10, No.2 (1929):

Jane Clark, "The Command of the Canadian Army for the Campaign of 1777", pp.129-135.

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