21 May 2008

MA theses and PhD dissertations - part 10

More results from the Library and Archives Canada theses portal - MAs and PhDs with specific reference to Canadian military history (some have direct links to their PDFed versions):

William Beahen, "A citizens' army: The Growth and Development of the Canadian Militia, 1904 to 1914", PhD dissertation, University of Ottawa, 1980;

David Pierce Beatty, "Canada-United States Permanent Joint Board on Defense", PhD dissertation, Michigan State University, 1969;

Brian T. Begbie, "Naval Gunfire Support for the Dieppe Raid", MA thesis, University of Ottawa, 1999 [direct PDF link];

Karine Bellerose, "Les captifs britanniques en temps de guerre en Nouvelle-France aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siecles : etude socio-politique et militaire", MA th├Ęse, University of Ottawa, 2006;

Carl Benn, "The Iroquois in the War of 1812", PhD dissertation, York University, 1995;

Douglas R. Benneweis, "Training as per syllabus: Readying The South Saskatchewan Regiment for War, 1939-1944", MSS thesis, University of Calgary, 2007;

Edward Benoit, "D Battery, Royal Canadian Field Artillery, in the South African War, 1900", MA thesis, McGill University, 1997 [direct PDF link];

Lorne William Bentley, "Canada and Vietnam: Open Mouth Diplomacy, 1972-1973", MA thesis, University of Western Ontario, 1973;

Willmott Donald Bentley, "The Seventh Canadian Infantry Brigade in North West Europe: A Study in the Growth of Combat Effectiveness", MA thesis, University of Guelph, 1993; and

David Jay Bercuson, "Labour in Winnipeg: The Great War and the General Strike", PhD dissertation, University of Toronto, 1971.

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