01 May 2008

MA theses and PhD dissertations - part 8

More results from the Library and Archives Canada theses portal - MAs and PhDs with specific reference to Canadian military history (some have direct links to their PDFed versions):

Tom Axworthy, "Soldiers Without Enemies: A Political Analysis of Canadian Defence Policy, 1945-1975", PhD dissertation, Queen's University, 1979;

Nilufer Balsara, "Paying for Peace: Canada, the United Nations and the Financing of the Congo Peacekeeping Mission, 1960-1964", PhD dissertation, University of Toronto, 1999 [direct PDF link];

Stacey Joanne Barker, "Save Today what our Allies need Tomorrow: Food Regulation in Canada during the First World War", MA thesis, Carleton University, 2003;

Andrew Paul Burtch, "Canadian Theatre: The Battle of St. Lawrence and its Aftermath, May-October 1943", MA thesis, Wilfrid Laurier University, 2003;

Alexander Vance Campbell, "The Royal American Regiment, 1755-1772: An Atlantic Community", PhD dissertation, University of Western Ontario, 2003;

Allan Douglas English, "The Cream of the Crop: A Study of Selection, Training, and Policies Governing Lack of Moral Fibre in Aircrew of the Royal Canadian Air Force, 1939-1945", PhD dissertation, Queen's University, 1994;

John Alan English, "The Casting of an Army: Being a Treatise on the Bases and Conduct of Canadian Army Operations beyond the Normandy Bridgehead to the Closure of the Falaise Gap", PhD dissertation, Queen's University, 1989;

Anne Fisher, "Civil Defence in Canada, 1939-1965: Garnering Public Support for War and Nuclear Weapons through the Myth of Protection", MA thesis, Lakehead University, 1999 [direct PDF link];

Albert George Fowler, "The Growth of the Protestant Chaplains' Service in the Canadian Military, 1945-1968: The Pursuit of Assumed Status", MA thesis, Carleton University, 1990;

Andrew B. Godefroy, "From Alliance to Dependence: Canadian-American Defence Cooperation through Space, 1945-1999", MA thesis, Royal Military College of Canada, 1999 [direct PDF link];

Hugh Avi Gordon, "The End of the Big Ship Navy: The Trudeau Government, the Defence Policy Review and the Decommissioning of the HMCS Bonaventure", MA thesis, University of Victoria, 2003;

Brent Alan Hobson, "New Solutions for Old Problems?: Canadian Naval Support of Sovereignty, 1971-2000", MA thesis, Dalhousie University, 1999 [direct PDF link];

Lenora-Mae Adelle Karmas, "Trial Employment of Canadian Forces Servicewomen in a Combat Service Support Unit", MA thesis, University of British Columbia, 1984;

Katherine Anne Ling, "Servicewives in Wartime Halifax, 1939-1945", MA thesis, Dalhousie University, 1994;

Joseph George Marc Alan Potvin, "The Integration of the Canadian Forces Logistics System and its Effect on the Operational Capabilities of the Canadian Military", MA thesis, University of Manitoba, 1996;

Douglas Alan Ross, "In the Interests of Peace: Perception and Response in the History of Canadian Foreign Policy Decision-Making concerning the International Commission for Supervision and Control for Vietnam, 1954-65", PhD dissertation, University of Toronto, 1979;

Aldona Marija Sendzikas, "The Last Bastion: The Story of Stanley Barracks", MA thesis, University of Toronto, 1990;

Ralph Alan Shaw, "The Influence of Post-War Continental Air-Defence Strategies and National Economic Development Policies on the Industrial Organization of the Canadian Aerospace Industry", MA thesis, Queen's University, 1994;

John Alan Smitton, "Son's Narratives of Growing up with a World War II Combat Veteran Father", PhD dissertation, University of British Columbia, 2003; and

Alfred James Tedlie, "Winter and Rough Weather: Fort Churchill, 1946-1964, in Defence of Northern Canada", MA thesis, University of Victoria, 1990.

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