25 February 2010

Index of Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

I've had a chance to peruse the online index of the journal Newfoundland and Labrador Studies (up to an including the current issue volume 24, number 1, Spring 2009) and have extracted the articles of particular reference to Canadian military history:

Casey, G.J. and Maura C. Hanrahan, "Roses and Thistles: Second World War Bridges in Newfoundland", vol.10, no.2 (Fall 1994): 240-249;

Harding, Robert J., "Glorious Tragedy: Newfoundland's Cultural Memory of the Attack at Beaumont Hamel, 1916-1925", vol.21, no.1 (Spring 2006): 3-40;

High, Steven, "From Outport to Outport Base: The American Occupation of Stephenville, 1940-1945", vol.18, no.1 (Spring 2002): 84-113;

Lackenbauer, P. Whitney, "War, Memory, and the Newfoundland Regiment at Gallipoli", vol.15, no.2 (Fall 1999): 176-214;

MacLeod, Malcolm, "Death by choice or by chance? U-69 and the first Newfoundland ferry Caribou", vol.12, no.1 (Spring 1996): 1-15;

Martin, Chris, "The Right Course, The Best Course, The Only Course: Voluntary Recruitment in the Newfoundland Regiment, 1914-1918", vol.24, no.1 (Spring 2009): 55-89;

Mercer, Keith, "The Murder of Lieutenant Lawry: A Case Study of British Naval Impressment in Newfoundland, 1794", vol.21, no.2 (Fall 2006): 255-289;

Neary, Peter, "The Diplomatic Backgound to the Canada-Newfoundland Goose Bay Agreement of October 10, 1944", vol.2, no.1 (Spring 1986): 39-61;

Neary, Peter, "'A grave problem which needs immediate attention': an American report on venereal disease and other health problems in Newfoundland, 1942", vol.15, no.1 (Spring 1999): 79-103;

Neary, Peter, "Great Britain and the Future of Newfoundland, 1939-45", vol.1, no.1 (Spring 1985): 29-56;

O'Brien, Mike, "Out of a Clear Sky: The Mobilization of the Newfoundland Regiment, 1914-1915", vol.22, no.2 (Fall 2007): 401-427;

Pritchard, James, "'Le Profit et La Gloire': The French Navy's Alliance with Private Enterprise in the Defense of Newfoundland, 1691-1697", vol.15, no.2 (Fall 1999): 161-175; and

Sharpe, Christopher A., "The 'Race of Honour': An Analysis of Enlistments and Casualties in the Armed Forces of Newfoundland, 1914-1918", vol.4, no.1 (Spring 1988): 27-55.

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