27 February 2010

Latest Issues of the Northern Mariner

This may be a bit repetitive from a previous post some time back, but here are the latest items from The Northern Mariner directly pertaining to Canadian military history:

Robert L. Davison, "A Most Fortunate Court Martial: The Trial of Captain Charles Kingsmill, 1907", vol.19;

Barry Gough, "Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Saunders, Naval Victor of Quebec, 1759", vol.19 (2009);

Peter T. Haydon, "Canadian Involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis Re-Considered", vol.17, no.2 (2007);

Sean M. Maloney, "Parry and Thrust: Canadian Maritime Forces and the Defence of North America, 1954-62", vol.18, no.1 (2008); and

Peter MacLeod, "Invisible Admiral: Phillip Durell at the Siege of Quebec, 1759", vol.19 (2009).

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