23 February 2010

Latest Issues of the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies

It's been a long, long while since (six issues) I've posted about the Canadian military history articles published in the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, so here we go:

Terry Copp, "Canada's National Army, Canada's National Interest, 1918, 2008", vol.10, no.3 (2008);

David A. Kielstra, "Taking Care of Business: Canada's Forgotten Cold War Conflict in Cyprus, July-August 1974", vol.12, no.1 (2009);

Peter Kikkert, "The Polaris Incident: 'Going to the Mat' with the Americans", vol.11, no.3 (2009); and

Timothy C. Winegard, "The Forgotten Front of the Oka Crisis: Operation Feather/Akwesasne", vol.11, nos.1-2 (2009).

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