08 December 2006

Latest issue of the Canadian Military Journal

Volume 7, no.3 (Autumn 2006) of the Canadian Military Journal is available, and contains the following of historical interest - Major Ray Stouffer's "Cold War Air Power Choices for the RCAF: Paul Hellyer and the Selection of the CF-5 Freedom Fighter" / "La puissancxe aérienne de l'aviation royale du Canada pendant la guerre froide : Paul Hellyer et le choix du chasseur CF-5 Freedom Fighter", Major John R. Grodzinski's "'We Few, We Happy Few...': Canadian Generalship in the First World War" / "'Nous, cette poignée, cette heureuse poignée, d'hommes..." - Les officiers généraux canadiens pendant la première guerre mondiale", as well as several book reviews of historical publications.

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