13 December 2006

Latest issue of Canadian Military History

I just received the latest issue of Canadian Military History (vol.15, nos.3 and 4, Summer-Autumn 2006), another very interesting publication of this journal out of Wilfrid Laurier University. Among the items in this issue are the following: Stephen J. Harris' "The Halifax and Lancaster in Canadian Service"; Laurie Peloquin's "Area Bombing by Day: Bomber Command and the Daylight Offensive, 1944-1945"; David L. Bashow's "The Balance Sheet: The Costs and the Gains of the Bombing Campaign"; Eric Fernberg's "Great War Legacy: A Drum from the 207th Battalion" (this is of particular interest to me personally as the regimental historian and museum curator of The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa - the regiment that perpetuates the 207th); Roger Sarty's "Uncle Bill's Service in Bomber Command, 1942-1944: Family Memory and the Written Record"; and several historical documents.

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