03 December 2006

News from The Canadian Battlefields Foundation

The Canadian Battlefields Foundation (formerly the Canadian Battle of Normandy Foundation) has announced its 13th Annual Battlefield Study Tour. Announced under the title "The Canadians and the Liberation of Europe: Normandy, Dieppe, Vimy, Beaumont-Hamel, 2-16 June 2007", the tour will include visits to Vimy Ridge, Beaumont-Hamel and Dieppe before moving on to an intensive review of Canada at the battle of Normandy. The tour will be led by Dr. Geoffrey Hayes, University of Waterloo, and Lieutenant-Colonel David Patterson, Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College. The program is meant for university students (including graduate school) and recent graduates "who have a strong desire to learn more about the role Canadian forces played in the liberation of Europe." Chosen participants will be required to prepare for each day's discussions, research the life of Canadian soldier who died in action, and keep a journal describing their experience (the latter will be submitted to the Foundation). Between twelve and sixteen scholarships will be awarded by the Foundation for the tour, covering most of the cost of the tour. Participants should expect to contribute from $1,200 to $1,500 of their own money (or $500 if they make their own travel arrangements to and from Paris).

Applications for the tour are due by 23 February 2007. Application forms can be found on the website of the Canadian Battlefields Foundation. Further information can be found on the website (including all of the above information en français) or from Terry Copp by e-mail at tcopp@wlu.ca.

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