20 February 2008

Book on Canadian and Newfoundland Women and the First World War

A call for papers on Canadian and Newfoundland Women and the First World War has been issued. As the press release notes:
As the literature on the First World War continues to grow, women’s experiences of this period remain largely obscure. This is particularly the case for Canadian and Newfoundland women, most of whom were non-combatants geographically separated from the battlefields by vast distances. Women were not bystanders in the war, quietly knitting for the duration: they were actively engaged in wartime society (and even part of the military, in the case of Nursing Sisters), deeply affected by the vagaries of war. The aim of this collection is to bring together major elements of women’s wartime experience, as a step towards meaningfully (re-)inserting women into the historical narratives of Canada and Newfoundland at war, 1914-1918.
The organizers of the project, Sarah Glassford (sglassfo@uottawa.ca) and Amy Shaw (amy.shaw@uleth.ca), invite submissions from scholars "whose work addresses any of the multiple ways in which women in Canada and/or Newfoundland experienced and responded to the First world War. We particularly invite work which reflects the racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious, class, and/or regional differences found among women in the two Dominions at that time."

Anyone interested needs to send an abstract of 250 to 500 words re their proposed paper and a one page CV to either editor in Word, WordPerfect, or PDF format, by 1 April 2008. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by 15 May 2008. The accepted papers need to 5,000 to 7,000 words aimed at a university level audience, formatted according to the Chicago style, no later than 1 October 2008.

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