12 February 2008

Latest issue of the Canadian Military Journal

The Autumn 2007 (vol.8, no.3) issue of the Canadian Military Journal / Revue militaire canadienne has been published and, as usual, contains some material of particular interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Major Alex D. Haynes, "The Development of Infantry Doctrine in the Canadian Expeditionary Force: 1914-1918" / "Le développement de la doctrine de l'infanterie au sein du Corps expéditionnaire canadien : 1914-1918";

Commander Ian C.D. Moffat, "Forgotten Battlefields - Canadians in Siberia 1918-1919" / "Les champs de bataille oubliés - les Canadiens en Sibérie, 1918-1919";

as well as a couple of book reviews of note.

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