09 February 2008

The Legion's Legacies website

I recently discovered a new (to me, at least) website built to incorporate visitor-submitted stories of Canada's veterans. The Legion's Legacies, describes itself as follows:
Our new online community allows everyone to post online stories of Canadian war veterans. Proud Canadians, who want to embrace the ideals that are brought forth on Remembrance Day, can share what it means to them personally.

This is your chance to share a family story, or adopt a veteran, post a tribute to our Canadian Forces and contribute to Canada's Legacy...by posting tributes of their sacrifice for our freedom.

The result of this ongoing project - will be a growing volume of connected stories, pictures, songs, educational resources and videos; a kind of Facebook meets YouTube for Remembrance.

A great resource for families, educators, students and veterans. No post is too small or seemingly insignificant. We encourage everyone to participate. Our tribute section is not meant to be legalistic in it's nature. It's about sharing what we (as Canadians) know and in some cases believe to be true. If your grandmother baked cookies for the young men on the front lines or worked in a munitions factory or served with the Resistance in Europe, she deserves to be remembered on our site! If your grandfather was a merchant sailor who bravely sailed the Atlantic Ocean during the war, or worked at home in the Civil defence corps, he deserves to be remembered on our site too!
This website includes the tributes, of course, but also links to other educational, historical, and military websites, as well as detailed instructions on how to post a tribute.

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