29 February 2008

Programme for the 87th Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association

The Canadian Historical Association has published the programme for its 87th Annual Meeting, to be held at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, from 2 to 4 June 2008. The programme includes the following presentations of note to those interested in Canadian military history:

Andrew Burtch, Carleton University / Canadian War Museum, "Selling Canada: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation International Service, the Cold War, and Psychological Warfare, 1950-1970";

Mike Carroll, Grant McEwen College, "From National Self-Interest to International Peace: Canada and the United Nations Emergency Force";

Christian Champion, McGill University, "Colonial masculinities, military intellectuals, and the construction of national sentiment, 1925-29" (in category titled "Masculinity and Canadian Politics");

Tim Cook, Carleton University / Canadian War Museum, "Antiheroes, Soldiers' Culture and Negotiations of Power among Canadian Soldiers in the Great War";

Helen Dewar, University of Toronto, "Canada or Guadeloupe?: Conceptions of Empire in French and British Discussions of Peace Terms during the Seven Years' War";

Mark Humphries, University of Western Ontario, "On the Border of Cowardice: Defining Deviance during the Great War";

Chris Madsen, Royal Military College of Canada / Canadian Forces College, "Organizing a Wartime Shipyard: The Union Struggle for a Closed Shop at West Coast Shipbuilders Limited 1941-44";

Craig Leslie Mantle, University of Calgary, "Negotiating the Parameters of Power: Disobedience in the Canadian Expeditionary Force";

Colin McCullough, York University, "'No Axe to Grind in Africa': Violence, Racial Prejudice and Media Depictions of the Canadian Peacekeeping Mission to the Congo, 1960-1964";

Francine McKenzie, University of Western Ontario, "Peacemaking before the Second World War: Canadian Intervention in the Ethiopian Crisis of 1935";

Victor Rabinovitch, Canadian Museum of Civilization, "The Bomber Command Controversy and the Canadian War Museum: Perspectives of a Museum Administrator";

Kevin Spooner, Wilfrid Laurier University, "Race, (De)Colonization, and Canadian Peacekeeping in the Congo";

Meryn Stuart, University of Ottawa, "Military Nursing Sisters and Sexuality: The Letters and Diaries of F.W.W. Nurse Helen Fowlds";

as well as the business meeting of the Canadian Committee on Military History.

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