08 June 2008

Articles from War in History

The index for all the issues published to date of War in History has been posted on the journal's site and I've gone through it to see what articles pertain directly to Canadian military history:

Peter J. Henshaw, "The British Chiefs of Staff Committee and the Preparation for the Dieppe Raid, March-August 1942: Did Mountbatten Really Evade the Committee's Authority", vol.1, no.2 (1994), pp.197-214;

Donald Howard Avery, "Atomic Scientific Co-Operation and Rivalry Among Allies: The Anglo-Canadian Montreal Laboratory and the Manhattan Project, 1943-1946", vol.2, no.3 (1995), pp.274-305;

Craig Gibson, "'My Chief Source of Worry': An Assistant Provost Marshal's View of Relations between 2nd Canadian Division and Local Inhabitants on the Western Front, 1915-1917", vol.7, no.4 (2000), pp.413-441; and

Tim Cook, "Documenting War and Forging Reputations: Sir Max Aitken and the Canadian War Records Office in the First World War", vol.10, no.3 (2003), pp.265-295.

(through vol.15, no.2).

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