26 June 2008

Index of The Canadian Historical Review part 4

A continuing look at the back issues of The Canadian Historical Review from vol.31, no.1 (1950) onward reveals a lot of content of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Vol.31, No.1 (1950):

Donald M.A.R. Vince, "The Acting Overseas Sub-Militia Council and the Resignation of Sir Sam Hughes", pp.1-24;

Vol.31, No.2 (1950):

George F.G. Stanley, "The Indians in the War of 1812", pp.145-165;

Vol.32, No.1 (1951):

W.H. Nelson, "The Last Hopes of the American Loyalists", pp.22-42;

Vol.32, No.2 (1951):

C.P. Stacey, "Commodore Chauncey's Attack on Kingston Harbour, November 10, 1812", pp.126-138;

Vol.32, No.4 (1951):

David Lowenthal, "The Maine Press and the Aroostook War", pp.315-336;

Vol.33, No.4 (1952):

C.P. Stacey, "Canada and the Nile Expedition of 1884-85", pp.319-340;

Vol.34, No.2 (1953):

Gerald S. Graham, "Views of General Murray on the Defence of Upper Canada, 1815", pp.158-165;

Vol.35, No.2 (1954):

Alice R. Stewart, "Sir John A. Macdonald and the Imperial Defence Commission of 1879", pp.119-139;

Vol.35, No.4 (1954):

J. Mackay Hitsman and C.C.J. Bond, "The Assault Landing at Louisbourg, 1758", pp.314-330;

Vol.36, No.2 (1955):

H.S. Ferns and Bernard Ostry, "Mackenzie King and the First World War", pp.93-112;

Vol.36, No.3 (1955):

C.P. Stacey, "Britain's Withdrawal from North America, 1864-1871", pp.185-198;

Alvin C. Gluek Jr., "The Riel Rebellion and Canadian-American Relations", pp.199-221;

Vol.36, No.4 (1955):

Harold A. Davis, "The Fenian Raid on New Brunswick", pp.316-334;

Vol.37, No.2 (1956):

Gerald S. Graham, "The Defences of Canada, 1710", pp.167-169;

Vol.37, No.3 (1956):

W.J. Eccles, "Frontenac's Military Policies, 1689-1698: A Reassessment", pp.201-224;

Vol.37, No.4 (1956):

A.W. Willms, "Conscription, 1917: A Brief for the Defence", pp.338-351;

Richard A. Preston, "The Journals of General Sir F.P. Robinson, G.C.B.", pp.352-355;

Vol.38, No.1 (1957):

C.P. Stacey, "John A. Macdonald on Raising Troops in Canada for Imperial Service, 1885", pp.37-40;

Vol.38, No.4 (1957):

Guy R. MacLean, "The Canadian Offer of Troops for Hong Kong, 1894", pp.275-283;

Vol.39, No.1 (1958):

Robin W. Winks, "The Creation of a Myth: 'Canadian' Enlistments in the Northern Armies during the American Civil War", pp.24-40;

C.P. Stacey, "Another Look at the Battle of Lake Erie", pp.41-51;

Vol.39, No.2 (1958):

Leonid I. Strakhovsky, "The Canadian Artillery Brigade in North Russia, 1918-1919", pp.125-146;

Vol.40, No.1 (1959):

C.P. Stacey, "The Anse au Foulon, 1759: Montcalm and Vaudreuil", pp.27-37.

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