13 June 2008

Index of The Canadian Historical Review part 3

A continuing look at the back issues of The Canadian Historical Review from vol.21, no.1 (1940) onward reveals a lot of content of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Vol.21, No.1 (1940):

C.P. Stacey, "The Military Aspect of Canada's Winning of the West, 1870-1885", pp.1-24;

Vol.23, No.3 (1942):

D.C. Harvey, "Nova Scotia and the Canadian Naval Tradition", pp.247-259;

Vol.24, No.2 (1943):

Norman Penlington, "General Hutton and the Problem of Military Imperialism in Canada, 1898-1900", pp.156-171;

Vol.24, No.3 (1943):

J.W. Dafoe, "Canada and the Peace Conference of 1919", pp.233-248;

Vol.25, No.1 (1944):

A.E. Prince, "The Need for a Wider Study of Military History", pp.20-28;

Vol.26, No.3 (1945):

C.P. Stacey, "The Historical Programme of the Canadian Army Overseas", pp.229-238;

Gilbert Norman Tucker, "The Royal Canadian Naval Historical Section and its Work", pp.239-245;

Kenneth B. Conn, "The Royal Canadian Air Force Historical Section", pp.246-254;

Vol.26, No.4 (1945):

Lawrence Henry Gipson, "A French Project for Victory Short of a Declaration of War, 1755", pp.361-371;

Vol.27, No.1 (1946):

Robert England, "Disbanded and Discharged Soldiers in Canada prior to 1914", pp.1-18;

Vol.27, No.2 (1946):

Marguerite B. Hamer, "Luring Canadian Soldiers into Union Lines during the War between the States", pp.150-162;

Vol.28, No.1 (1947):

Gilbert Norman Tucker, "The Naval Policy of Sir Robert Borden, 1912-14", pp.1-30;

Vol.29, No.3 (1948):

Eric Harrison, "The Army's Official History", pp.301-306;

Vol.29, No.4 (1948):

C.P. Stacey, "A Note on the Citadel of Quebec", pp.387-392;

Vol.30, No.1 (1949):

J.B. Conacher, "The Battle for Agira, July 24-8, 1943: An Episode in Canadian Military History", pp.1-21;

Vol.30, No.3 (1949):

George F.G. Stanley, "Gabriel Dumont's Account of the North West Rebellion, 1885", pp.249-269.

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