20 June 2008

MA theses and PhD dissertations - part 13

More results from the Library and Archives Canada theses portal - MAs and PhDs with specific reference to Canadian military history (some have direct links to their PDFed versions):

David A. Borys, "The Education of a Corps Commander: Arthur Currie's Leadership from 1915-1917", MA thesis, University of Alberta, 2006;

David A. Bourdon, "Militarism, Sport and Social Control in Alberta, 1900-20", MA thesis, University of Calgary, 1985;

Peter Bower, "Louisbourg: The Chimaera, 1745-'48", MA thesis, Dalhousie University, 1975;

Craig Braddon, "Soldiers and Politicians: The Struggle for Supremacy, Canadian Civil-Military Relations in an Age of Transformation and International Uncertainty, 1898-1913", MA thesis, The Royal Military College of Canada, 2004;

Charles S. Bradley, "The Education of Non-Commissioned Officers, Soldiers and their Children in Britain's Canadian Garrisons, 1800-1890", MA thesis, Carleton University, 2002;

José Antonio Brandao, "Your fyre shall burn no more: Iroquois Policy towards New France and her Native Allies to 1701", PhD dissertation, York University, 1995 [direct PDF link];

Maureen Elisabeth Brandstaetter, "Deutschtum on the Prairies, 1914-1918: A Study of Prairie German-Canadian Newspapers during the First World War", MA thesis, University of Calgary, 1986;

Robert Matthew Bray, "The Canadian Patriotic Response to the Great War", PhD dissertation, York University, 1977;

Bonnie Maureen Motyka, "General James Wolfe: The Hero Image and History", MA thesis, University of Alberta, 1991; and

Mark Bradley Watson, "The Manifestation of the Theory of Logistics: The Royal Canadian Navy as a Case Study, 1945-1967", MA thesis, The Royal Military College of Canada, 2002.

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