03 August 2008

Index of The Canadian Historical Review part 8

A continuing look at the back issues of The Canadian Historical Review from vol.71, no.1 (1990) onward reveals a lot of content of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Vol.71, No.4 (1990):

Roger Sarty, "Canadian Maritime Defence, 1892-1914", pp.462-490;

Vol.73, No.3 (1992):

Gregory S. Kealey, "State Repression of Labour and the Left in Canada, 1914-20: The Impact of the First World War", pp.281-314;

Jeff Keshen, "All the News That Was Fit to Print: Ernest J. Chambers and Information Control in Canada, 1914-19", pp.315-343;

Vol.76, No.1 (1995):

Allan Greek, "1837-38: Rebellion Reconsidered", pp.1-18; and

Vol.77, No.1 (1996):

Paul Maroney, "'The Great Adventure': The Context and Ideology of Recruiting in Ontario, 1914-17", pp.62-98.

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