22 August 2008

Index of the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

The Journal of the Canadian Historical Association / La Revue de la Société historique du Canada has published an index online of its current and back issues, some of which contain articles of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Daniel Byers, "Mobilising Canada: The National Resources Mobilization Act, the Department of National Defence, and Compulsory Military Service in Canada, 1940-1945", vol.7, no.1, 1996, pp.175-203;

Lara Campbell, "'We who have wallowed in the mud of Flanders': First World War Veterans, Unemployment and the Development of Social Welfare in Canada, 1929-1939", vol.11, no.1, 2000, pp.125-149;

Michael Carroll, "Canada and the Financing of the United Nations Emergency Force, 1957-1963", vol.13, no.1, 2002, pp.217-234;

Tim Cook, "'Literary Memorials': The Great War Regimental Histories, 1919-1939", vol.13, no.1, 2002, pp.167-190;

Christian Dessureault et Roch Legault, "Évolution organisationnelle et sociale de la milice sédentaire canadienne : le cas du bataillon de Saint-Hyacinthe, 1808-1830", vol.8, no.1, 1997, pp.87-112;

Magda Fahmi, "The Romance of Reunion: Montreal War Veterans Return to Family Life, 1944-1949", vol.9, no.1, 1998, pp.187-208;

Lanny Hannant, "'My God, are they sending women?': Three Canadian Women in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939", vol.15, no.1, 2004, pp.153-176;

Rachel Lea Heide, "Allies in Complicity: The United States, Canada, and the Clayton Knight Committee's Clandestine Recruiting of Americans for the Royal Canadian Air Force, 1940-1942", vol.15, no.1, 2004, pp.207-230;

Michael A. Hennessy, "World War II and the Rebirth and Death of Canada's Merchant Marine", vol.6, no.1, 1995, pp.209-241;

Mark Osborne Humphries, "The Horror at Home: The Canadian Military and the "Great" Influenza Pandemic of 1918", vol.16, no.1, 2005, pp.235-260;

Linda J. Quiney, "'Sharing the Halo': Social and Professional Tensions in the Work of World War I Canadian Volunteer Nurses", vol.9, no.1, 1998, pp.105-124;

Ian K. Steele, "Hostage-Taking 1754: Virginians vs Canadians", vol.16, no.1, 2005, pp.49-73; and

Michael D. Stevenson, "The Mobilisation of Native Canadians during the Second World War", vol.7, no.1, 1996, pp.205-226.

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