13 August 2008

Index of The Canadian Historical Review part 9

A continuing look at the back issues of The Canadian Historical Review from vol.81, no.1 (2000) onward reveals a lot of content of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Vol.82, No.2 (June 2001):

Richard Harris and Tricia Shulist, "Canada's Reluctant Housing Program: The Veterans' Land Act, 1942-75", pp.253-282;

Vol.83, No.1 (March 2002):

Tim Cook, "Clio's Soldiers: Charles Stacey and the Army Historical Section in the Second World War", pp.29-57;

Vol.85, No.4 (December 2004):

Tim Cook, "The Madman and the Butcher: Sir Sam Hughes, Sir Arthur Currie, and their War of Reputations", pp.693-720;

Vol.86, No.4 (December 2005):

John Macfarlane, "Agents of Control or Chaos? A Strike at Arvida helps clarify Canadian Policy on using Troops against Workers during the Second World War", pp.619-640;

Vol.87, No.2 (June 2006):

Benjamin Isitt, "Mutiny from Victoria to Vladivostok, December 1918", pp.223-264; and

Vol.87, No.3 (September 2006):

Timothy Balzar, "'In Case the Raid is Unsuccessful...': Selling Dieppe to Canadians", pp.409-430.

(review ceased after Vol.89, No.1 (March 2008), the last issue published at this point.)

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