15 August 2008

New books (July 2008) at Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada (www.collectionscanada.ca) has released its new books list for July 2008. The list includes the following items of interest (including some not yet released for sale and some which seem to have been out for sale for a while now) with respect to Canadian military history:

Robert A. Darlington and Fraser McKee, Three Princes Armed: Luxury Liners to Warships (Victoria, BC: Darlington/McKee Publishing Team, 2008);

Simon Falconer, Canada's Black Watch: An Illustrated History of the Regular Force Battalions, 1951-1970 (Fredericton, NB: Goose Lane Editions, 2008);

Éva Lucie Gagné, Les Canadiens à l'assaut : journal de la 13e Batterie, 1914-1918 (Ottawa: CEF Books, 2008); and

William D. Naftel, Halifax at War: Searchlights, Squadrons and Submaries, 1939-1945 (Halifax, NS: Formac Publishing, 2008).

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