26 October 2008

Index of BC Studies articles on Canadian Military History

The journal BC Studies has recently (at least I think it was recently) revamped its website and, as part of its search functions, I was able to generate a list of the articles it has published over the years on subjects in Canadian military history, a list that includes:
Reginald H. Roy, "Canadians in the North Pacific, 1943: Major-General Pearkes and the Kiska Operation", vol.14 (Summer 1972): 3-16;
Frances M. Woodward, "The Influence of the Royal Engineers on the Development of British Columbia", vol.24 (Winter 1974): 3-51;
Reginald H. Roy, "Major-General G.R. Pearkes and the Conscription Crisis in British Columbia, 1944", vol.28 (Winter 1975): 53-72;
Murray T. Hunter, "Coast Defence in British Columbia, 1939-1941: Attitudes and Realities", vol.28 (Winter 1975): 3-28;
Reginald H. Roy, "The Defence of Prince Rubert: An Eyewitness Account", vol.31 (Autumn 1976): 60-77;
Elaine Bernard, "A University at War: Japanese Canadians at UBC during World War II", vol.35 (Autumn 1977): 36-55;
Reginald H. Roy, "The Seaforths and the Strikers: Nanaimo, August 1913", vol.43 (Autumn 1979): 81-93;
John Norris, "The Vancouver Island Coal Miners, 1912-1914: A Study of an Organizational Strike", vol.45 (Spring 1980): 56-72;
J.M.S. Careless, "Submarines, Princes and Hollywood Commandoes, or at Sea in B.C.", vol.45 (Spring 1980): 3-16;
J.F. Hilliker, "The British Columbia Franchise and Canadian Relations with India in Wartime, 1939-1945", vol.46 (Summer 1980): 40-60;
Charles W. Humphries, "Two B.C. Pacifists and the Boer War", vol.45 (Spring 1980): 116-127;
Paul M. Koroscil, "Soldiers, Settlement and Development in British Columbia, 1915-1930", vol.54 (Summer 1982): 63-87;
Roger Sarty, "'There will be trouble in the North Pacific': The Defence of British Columbia in the Early Twentieth Century", vol.61 (Spring 1981): 3-29;
Kaye W. Lamb, "Building Submarines for Russia in Burrard Inlet", vol.71 (Autumn 1986): 3-26; and
P. Whitney Lackenbauer, "Guerillas in Our Midst: The Pacific Coast Militia Rangers, 1942-45", vol.155 (Autumn 2007): 31-66.

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