17 October 2008

Port Hope book of remembrance

The Port Hope Archives, in Port Hope, Ontario, has produced a very interesting book on one particular aspect of Canada's military history.  They have published an "enhanced edition" of 500 copies of their local Book of Remembrance, produced in 1919 "to honour the men and women of Port Hope and Hope Township (now the Municipality of Port Hope) who had served - and to honour especially those who had sacrificed their lives" in the First World War.  The published version of the Book of Remembrance contains the "the original 1919 text, the individual photographs submitted by the families and on permanent display in the Town Hall, and additional pertinent photographs from the Archives' collection.  For this edition, we have included a number of letters, as originally published in the Port Hope Evening Guide, written to families from soldiers and nurses at the Front.  These letters, with their descriptions of life in the trenches and hospitals - as well as reports of the dreaded telegram informing loved ones of a loss - provide insight into the personal side of a small town in wartime."  The cost of the book is $30, plus $10 for shipping.  For further information, check out the archive's website.

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